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Mqabba - Southern Village

Location: South Malta.

Neighboring Towns and Villages: Kirkop, Luqa, Safi, Siggiewi

Mqabba Accommodation: A few holiday farmhouses avaialble.

Shopping in the Mqabba: Limited.

Banks, Bureau De Change, ATM's: One ATM.

Entertainment: Limited. Rural Area. Mqabba Firework Display during the Feast of St Mary in August.

History & Culture: Numerous Churches, Vincenti Tower, The Statue of St Francis and the Catachombs.

Popular Beach Clubs & Lidos: None. Rural Area.

Beaches: None

Dive Centres: None.

Public Transport: Regular and frequent buses.

Health: A few Pharmacies are available in Mqabba.

Town Information: Mqabba is a small village located in the south of Malta with only around 3,200 residents. Although Mqabba is a very small village, it is unique because most of the limestone found in Malta comes from the village of Mqabba. The importance of Mqabba remains displayed in archaeological remains found in the vicinity of this town. Extinct animals have been found in quarries Of Kandja and Ta Xantin. The discovery of a cave situated close to the site known as Bur Megħeż is proof that Neolithic people lived there. The Catacombs of the Christians of Mentna Paleo wheree found in Square of Mqabba in 1860 by Dr. AA Caruana and Captain Strickland. In fact this is a complex of catacombs. The table of the ritual known as Agape, dominates the entire structure of the tombs. Archaeological details are studied by Mr. Becker, Zammit and Bellanti. Mqabba is also very popular for one of the best firework displays in Malta which takes place on the feast of St Maria on the 15th August. This firework and musical display is one that should not be missed if you happen to be in Malta during this period.