Diving In Malta & Gozo

Malta has been known amongst diving enthusiasts for years, due the clear blue Mediterranean sea enjoyed by the islands. However in the past 5-10 years the amount of interest in diving has increased considerably, with many PADI Dive resorts springing up all over Malta and Gozo. The Maltese Islands are renowned for the numerous caves and wrecks available for divers, both recreational and technical. Wrecks include submarines, aeroplanes, destroyers, oil tankers and other vessels from the World Wars. Malta enjoys spectacular underwater topography and interesting marine life. The sea temp varies from approximately 15 C in the winter season to 28 C during the summer season, so diving is not only restricted to the summer months, moreover the visibility is spectacular when exceeding 50 metres. 

Malta, Gozo and Comino offer some unique diving experiences with an abundance of reefs, caves and wrecks The calmness and clarity of the sea especially in the summer months creates and environment for excellent visibility and the risk of encountering large and dangerous fish is extremely low. There are numerous dives for first time divers and beginners as well as the more experienced divers.

There are several types of diving courses and activities offered by locally licensed diving schools. Divers need to complete a medical statement form indicating fitness to dive. All schools provide the service of a doctor to provide certification at a small fee. Medicals from other countries are acceptable, provided the diving centre is presented with a copy. There are a large number of diving schools in both Malta & Gozo that offer a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Divers who wish to dive unaccompanied are required to have a diving buddy as well as to present a PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent certification by other agencies. Be prudent when diving unaccopmanied and check with a diving centre of choice where it would be best suited to dive on any given day, depending on weather conditions.

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