Guest Reviews


All the reviews on are written by guests and hots who have signed up on the platform, so any review you see is based on a stay that a guest had in a host's listing.

Writing a review

To leave a review once you have checked out, go to your Reviews in your account. Reviews are limited to 500 words and must follow's review guidelines. 

Review history

To see reviews you've written or reviews about you, go to your Reviews in your account. You'll also see any private feedback that the host has left you. Reviews are visible to a guest and a host as well as publicly once each has submitted a review or at the end of the review  period, which is 7 days after check out.

Reviews must be relevant, unbiased and should not violate our review content policy. reserves the right to remove or alter a review if it finds that it violates our review content policy.

Reviews on guests and hosts that where written before the 25th April 2024 have been purged to allow all guests and hosts a fresh start on a level playing field, on the relaunch of the platform.