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Geographical Location: North East of Gozo, North of mainland Malta

Neighboring Towns and Villages: Marsalforn, Gharb, Ghasri

Accommodation:  Numerous Self Catering Farmhouses and Apartments in Zebbug - Gozo

Shopping in Zebbug: Limited. The capital of Victoria remians the main place for shopping.

Banks, Bureau De Change, ATM's: A few available

Entertainment & Places To Visit: Limited entertainment. To visit Zebbug Parish Church, Wied il-Ghasri (Ghasri Valley), Salt Pans of Qbajjar Marsalforn Bay.

Beaches:  Neighbouring Marsalforn Bay or Ramla Bay.

Public transport: Regular and frequent buses from Victoria.

Health: A pharmacy is available in Zebbug. Nearest hospital is in Victoria.

Town Information: Zebbug'' means 'Olives' ..and this village was once famous for its abundance of olive trees. The olives were grown and harvested here and taken for pressing into oil at the adjacent village down the hill ,on the way to Victoria which is called Ghasri (meaning the ''pressing place'' ) Zebbug is an old hilltop village with exotic views.Three northern villages are built atop hills-. The village's highest spot is marked by its parish church and the customary stone cross in front of it. Except for the coastal portions of Qbajjar and Marsalforn, the villagers of Zebbug actually live on two hills connected by a narrow strip of land. The land drops abruptly all around. This can be experienced along the road to Qbajjar  and Marsalforn. Here you will see that Zebbug commands spectacular views over the coast , land and sea. Another steep hill at Zebbug is the flat topped ta  Kuljat, which contains some bronze age silo pits. The area between this hill and Qbajjar to the north contains many Punic and Pre-Historic tombs.Zebbug Excels. The villagers are known for the high quality of their (Bizzilla) lace, weaving and woolen blankets. Their religious values are untarnished, as judged for example from the high priority given to the maintenance of street niches.  Included with Zebbug is a good portion of Gozo`s north shore, which is characterized by some scenic inlets, natural bluffs and man made salt pans. At Wied il-Ghasri, one of the islands beauty spots, quaint boat shelters align the narrow canyon, which also offers a small sandy beach.

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