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San Lawrenz

Geographical Location:  East of Gozo Island Malta

Neighboring Towns and Villages: Victoria

Accommodation:  Numerous Self Catering Gozo Farmhouses and Villas in San Lawrenz - Gozo

Shopping in San Lawrenz: Limited. The capital of Victoria remians the main place for shopping.

Banks, Bureau De Change, ATM's: A few available

Entertainment & Places To Visit: Lunzjata Valley and Chapel. Visit nearby Marsalforn Village, through Zebbug or Victoria for entertainment.

Beaches:  Dwejra Beach

Public transport: Regular and frequent buses from Victoria.

Health: Nearest hospital is in Victoria.

Town Information:  This is a cliff top farming village, on the far west side of the island, from where a spectacular road descends through arid Countryside to Dwejra Point..San Lawrenz is a small charming village on the western part of Gozo. It is built on a plain surrounded by three hills,Ta' Għammar, Ta' Gelmus and Ta' Dbieġi. The last mentioned, Ta' Dbieġi, rises 195 metres above sea level and is Gozo's highest point. In the limits of San Lawrenz there is also the splendid bay of Dwejra, renowned for its strange geological faults and admired by tourists and locals alike. This picturesque village has succeeded in retaining its traditional and rural lifestyle. It has managed to open up to progress without sacrificing its natural beauty and those values and traditions, which form the identity of this charming village. San Lawrenz is one of the two Gozitan localities that have taken their name from that of their patron saint. The other is the nearby hamlet of Santa Luċija. San Lawrenz was established a parish on 15 March 1893. Before this date, the area was known as Ta' Ċangura. Most probably the site derived its name from a local family name or nickname. The date of origin of this area is not known. However the name Ta' Ċangura can be dated back to before the tragic Siege of Gozo, that is, before July 1551. Until San Lawrenz was declared a parish in 1893, it formed part of the neighbourhood of Għarb. However as time went by the people of San Lawrenz started to form a separate community and as a result they wanted their own church. The foundation stone for this new church was laid and consecrated by the Bishop Peter Pace on 21 November 1886. The relic of Saint Lawrence was placed under this stone. Every villager participated with great enthusiasm in the building of the church. The village feast of San Lawrenz is celebrated each year, unimaginatively in the warmest part of our Summer, namely around the first week of August. As a hilltop village San Lawrenz may be tiny, but its long coastline is an intriguing one that records life during various epoch, from that of the Knights to pre-history. Cart ruts, long thought to be absent from western Gozo, exist at Qawra. Remains ofof a Cartiginian temple complex in use between 300BC  and 100 AD survive at tal-harrux, where grafitti in a rock cut cave portray a hermit at prayer. There is a Roman Tomb at Dwejra Bay which popular with bathers, derives its fame from a singular rock that shelters it.  Few rocks can claim the historical prominence of this 65 meter high megalith known as Gebla tal -General( General's rock) or Fungus Rock. The importance comes from a minute plant that has been mistaken for fungus. Botanically known as Cynomorium Coccineum, the mysterious red plant with tiny flowers was once believed to have great healing powers. It was applied to cure various sicknesses, diseases and internal injury symptoms.

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