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Geographical Location: South East of Gozo.

Neighboring Towns and Villages: Xewkija, Mgarr, Qala

Accommodation:  Numerous Self Catering Apartments and farmhouses in Nadur- Gozo

Shopping in Nadur: Limited. The capital of Victoria remians the main place for shopping.

Banks, Bureau De Change, ATM's: Two available

Entertainment & Places To Visit: A few restaurants and bars. Carnival is the highlight of the locality.

Beaches:  San Blas, Dahlet Il Qorrot, Ramla Il Hamra.

Public transport: Regular and frequent buses from Victoria.

Health: A few Pharmacies are available in Nadur. Nearest hospital is in Victoria.

Town Information: The village of Nadur is well known for its annual Carnival event. The whole village turns itself into a costume spectacle; masks, floats, live bands, open air bars are the main attraction of this annual creative event which attracts many locals from Malta spending a long weekend in Gozo. During this period accommodation is limited due to the large number of people who attend the Carnival weekend events, so booking accommodation in Gozo in advance is highly recommended. Nadur is also well known internationally for the its beautiful bays and coves, primarily those of San Blas, Dahlet Il Qorrot and Ramla Bay. San Blas is a pretty litlle sandy beach which is accessible by a long steep pathway which elderly people may find difficult to handle, however a few Jeeps provide a quick taxi ride up and down this steep pathway, going down to the beach is far easier than making your way up the steep hill. Dahlet Il Qorrot is another pretty bay found to the right of San Blas Bay and is usually less inhabited than its neighbour especially during the week, for those who enjoy walking, its fairly easy to walk down to Dahlet il Qorrot, however going down with a motorino or a rented care makes it far easier.