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Geographical Location: West of Gozo, North of mainland Malta

Neighboring Towns and Villages: Marsalforn, Zebbug, Ghasri

Accommodation:  Numerous Gozo Self Catering Farmhouses and Apartments in Gharb - Gozo

Shopping in GHarb: Limited. The capital of Victoria remians the main place for shopping.

Banks, Bureau De Change, ATM's: A few available

Entertainment & Places To Visit: Some good Farmhouse Style Restaurants are to be found in the Village. Try Jeffrey's Restaurant in Gharb, or Brookies on the outskirts of Victoria on the way to  nearby Zebbug. To visit Karmini Grimas house and Museum, Tal Fgura Niche, Ta dbiegi Crafts village, Gharb windmill towe, Gharb Parish Church and stone cross, Frenc Mercieqa house and museum, Ta Pinu Basilica, Bibuba and Gharb il Gew, taz-zejt Church.

Beaches:  Nearby is  Dwejra (Rocky), Marsalforn (Sandy) and Ramla beach (Sandy) which is towards Xaghra

Public transport: Regular and frequent buses from Victoria.

Health: A pharmacy is available in Gharb. Nearest hospital is in Victoria.

Town Information: Gharb means West and this typical old Gozitan village unsurprisingly lies in the West of the Island. It started life as a small hamlet centuries ago. You can see its ancient roots in the centre of the village where some houses have fine example of decorated stone balconies. Gharb was created a parish in 1679, a move which gave impetus for the building of a new, baroque parish church. Built between 1699 and 1729, it has an elegant facade which has been compared with Borromini's S. Agnese in Piazza Navona, Rome. This version is naturally a simpler interpretation of the style. The village square, so quintessentially Gozitan, has become the view on many a postcard.On the square is a fascinating folklore museum housing all sorts of memorabilia retelling the Islands' rural history. Gharb lies in some of Gozo's most delightful countryside, particularly at Dbiegi, the highest hill on the Island. Also at Dbiegi is a centre for Gozitan crafts. Within the limits of Gharb is the quaint Chapel of San Dimitri. According to legend, the first chapel was built on the cliff side by a woman whose son was freed from captivity by St. Demetrius. Also nearby is the Basilica ta' Pinu, Malta's pre-eminent shrine to the Virgin Mary. It was on this spot in 1883 that a local woman heard the voice of the Virgin.

Malta's sister island of Gozo provides a tranquil haven and scene change. Greener, more rural and smaller than Malta, life on Gozo moves at a leisurely pace. The rhythms dictated by the seasons, fishing and agriculture. Gozo is steeped in legends: it is thought to be the mythical Calypso's isle of Homer's Odyssey. It has a peaceful countryside, dotted with baroque churches and old farmhouses. Its rugged sea- and landscape offer endless touring and sports possibilities. Gozo has some of the Mediterranean's best dive sites.

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